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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth to come through the gums. They usually start emerging in late teens or even older. Most people have four wisdom teeth and some might even have none.

The pain associated with wisdom teeth occurs when there is little room in the rear of the jaw, leading to the tooth being wedged, causing discomfort and throbbing pain. The removal of wisdom teeth is a common procedure and all our dentists at Sydney Dental Health are qualified to carry out this procedure.

We at Sydney Dental Health will endeavour to make your procedure as painless as possible. Options available include topical and intravenous anaesthetics as well as nitrous oxide (happy gas) on penthrox.

In cases where the tooth is complicated to remove, we have an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who will carry out the procedure. During your consultation, the dentist will advise on the best option for you.

If you are experiencing discomfort with your wisdom teeth, please make an appointment to see one of our dentists immediately via 9518 6262 or make an appointment online here.